My father and I. 1981.

This truth is composed of a knot of stories. It starts on a rainy afternoon in El Paso, Texas, 1981. I was born, like many others, after the fear, exhaustion, and angst of a difficult birth. After many hours of labour, my mom was told that her body was defective, her pelvis being too small, and I was delivered through c-section. A first time mom and medical professional who knew all the spoken and unspoken rules of the operating room, she did not question the assessment of her male American doctor. A doctor herself, an anesthesiologist, my mother grew up…

A few days after having started my new job I was still shinning with curiosity and energy. And pride. I was the new Commercial Toxics Associate for the City of San Francisco, Department of Environment, and as part of my diving into the new world of science based policy I was heading into a public hearing on pesticide regulation. It sounded like a bureaucratic dry event, but I didn’t know what to expect, so I was amazed when I walked into a regal ballroom, packed with chairs filled with people. The state regulators sat cooly at the front of the…

Karen A.

Karen Andrade, Ph.D. is a mom and an interdisciplinary scientist working to democratize the scientific enterprise.

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